Sunday, November 27, 2011

So this is the start!

Well this is the beginning of my blog and how nervous am I? I have been so scared of starting to write in case I make a complete fool of myself! I hope to record my triumphs and failures of all my efforts to lead a more fulfilled home life whether it be down the allotment, at home cooking, making things and above all spending time with my almost grown up children and last but certainly not least with my patient husband who supports me in all my madcap projects! I also want to share with you the things that give me inspiration and enjoyment whether it be a link to another blog or something I have read or seen - so lets get going!
I made my first visit today to the allotment since the summer and how the weeds have grown! I shall post a picture as soon as I can so that this can be the baseline as it can only improve. Unfortunately last year I had very little time to achieve as much as I had wanted . I always enjoy my time there and usually want to spend more time than I intended as it really is a calm oasis away from the phone, computer and hectic lives! An hour can help lift my spirits and give more poor brain something to mull over in the small hours of the night when sleep can be all so elusive.
I think that's not a bad start so I will sign off -until the next time!

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