Sunday, April 21, 2013

At long last - Spring ( I think) has arrived!

 I have been so fed up with  the damp grey dark days! I began to think that Spring would never come and that some how we would be jettisoned straight into a brief Summer before heading for the end of the year again. I do hope that this will not be the case.

Last week we made a visit to Southsea  near Portsmouth- some of us to shop at Gunwarf ( a retail outlet ) and some of us to catch some fresh air. As you can see the weather was cold and grey and we are still wearing t winter coats.

Its lovely seeing everyone letting go and we have such fun skimming stones- its  something childlike and just plain good fun.

See how grey the day was!

In sharp contrast, yesterday was glorious and I spent an afternoon down by the sea in Bournemouth. There was almost a continental feel for the day. Its funny how a little bit of sunshine can raise spirits and how  magically everyone is transformed from their winter clothed selves into their Summer persona. How amazing is that little bit of sunshine! I even enjoyed a cup of tea sitting outside a coffee shop in the sunshine and just enjoyed watching the world go by.

I am sure Spring is finally here- evidence from my garden backs this up:

 Today I finally got the greenhouse ready ! No seeds sown yet - I am way behind but hoping to catch up this week.

 The primulas are flowering:
 The tete-a-tetes are still blooming - they were such a great buy in December. I planted the bulbs which had just started to grow in my hanging basket outside my kitchen window. They have been such a joy to  watch grow and flower.

 The sunglasses came out today:
 Someone even did a bit of revision in the garden:
 After they had a little rest!

 The pear tree is starting to burst into leaf:

 The forsythia is well and truly blooming:
 There was even some blue sky
 I know it must be spring as we've been trimming the hedges
 My elder daughter did some weeding!
 The bulb hyacinths are in bloom
 Such a pretty shade of blue!
  The japonica bush is in full  flower

 And the heather is also a mass of flower- amazing as we are on chalk and they tend to like acid soil!

 This I took to remind me that I really need to plant more daffodils for next year
 Even the daisies in the grass were smiling:

And  last but not least I know its Spring as Mr H used the lawnmower AND the shredder!

Spring has finally sprung!


Plain Jane said...

I know - it's been a looong time coming but yesterday was so lovely. It looks like your garden is about a week ahead of ours up here in Staffordshire - my primroses are in bud and the pear hasn't quite started to unfurl yet - something to look forward to x Jane

Beth said...

Spring certainly has sprung, especially in your lovely photos. I'm back-reading (obviously!) so it's great to see such cheery images on these now rainy days....perhaps that was summer! Beth/thelinencat xx