Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter! Its been a strange one this year. My daughter is still at Uni and isn't back until later in the week. My elder son went out to watch the touring cars with friends. Younger daughter worked in a local cafe which left Mr H, myself and younger son who said he had too much college work to do.
 So we have delayed the traditional Easter Egg Hunt until later in the week when we are all back together again.
 Mr H and I took advantage of escaping to our local National Trust place _ Hinton Ampner
 It was a grey old day though- it had started off with blue skies and plenty of promise!
 the vegetable garden looks ready for the new season!

 The daffodils were trying bravely to bloom!
 I just love the shape of the aged and gnarled espaliered ( I think as opposed to cordonned) fruit trees
 The forsythia is on the verge of flowering - just waiting for a warmer day
 This garden is king of hidden vistas - surprising you at every turn
 Some happier daffodils!

 The topiary was cut and standing to attention!

This little rabbit keeps appearing every where - telling me its time for tea !

It was a shame it was so grey - I took this about 2.15 pm

 Thses were the plant of the week Primula crescendo- very cheery - just a little tooo bright for me. I prefer softer yellows but they did add a lovely splash of colour
 There was a fun easter egg hunt going on with plenty of happy excited children chasing around!

 I just love these gates!

 I think these maybe  Chionodoxa  - aren't they pretty!

 Another vista with an obelisk at the very far end - you can just see if you squint a little!)
 View from the ha-ha away from the house
 View back up to the house from the ha-ha
 I spy another egg!
 and another child hunting an egg!
 and a lovely ginger cat bird hunting!
 I think he has spotted the blackbird ahead!

 The sheep were baa-ing away
 I so love these wire chairs and table _ they would look lovely on my little patio by the back door!
Hope you enjoyed the tour and you had a lovely day - We're celebrating all week - I read on someones blog that Easter wasn't just for one day - and for us it certainly isn't - have a great week !

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Beth said...

Looks like a nice quiet weekend, the little bunny made me laugh - my sister got us a 'family' gift which is the largest lindt bunny I've ever far we've only nibbled on the ears! Hope you had a lovely easter and enjoyed catching up with all your family when they did arrive. Bethx