Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter baking

One of my favourite things to do at Easter is to bake. In fact I do love to bake at any time. It fills a Mother's need to provide, care, nurture, and feed your children- in return the empty plate implies happy  satiated customers- a win win situation in my book!
 This is my stash of biscuit cutters. I have collected these over many years ( see I have always liked baking!) and even include some of my Mother's old cutters that she didn't want some years ago. There are a decent number of Christmas cutters amongst stash I do have  some Easter type ones too! I particularly love metal cutters ( we do have some plastic ones  which I am not fond of and I am trying to replace these with the metal ones when I find suitable alternatives)
 I haven't made Easter biscuits in a while  but I did some research - ( how I love the internet!) and used this recipe- Easter biscuits - the Mary Berry way. I liked this recipe because it included cinnamon and mixed spice and it was a mix that could be divided into two lots to make iced biscuits and ones with currants in. I didn't have any currants in the house so we made some iced ones and the some plain with caster sugar sprinkled on the top as they came out of the oven.

I had the cat and the rabbit cutters already. The girls and I treated our selves to two new cutters on a trip into Canterbury recently and the chick was one of our purchases! Isn't she cute?

 Half the mixture made quite a lot of biscuits-
 I love seeing them all cut out ready for their turn in the oven!
 The second cutter we bought was this happy dahlia - sun type cutter- It makes me smile and  makes me feel that summer is on its way - ( judging by the recent weather I think we maybe skipping Spring and head straight into the next season!)

 Second batch already to go!
 See - half the mix makes  a good number of biscuits!
 Already for icing:
 There was a little time between baking and icing and some were devoured before they were completed -this is all we have left for now!
 Younger daughter iced these - I just love the butterflies all jostling for the nectar!
 So we choose some pretty plates from my collection- Ones that reminded us of Spring and Easter!

 Daughter also baked and iced some cupcakes yesterday.
 Is your mouth watering yet?

 Already for tea time tonight!

Hoping your week is bringing you lots of lovely Easter treats to eat ...................


Juliab said...

Yummy looking biscuits, I had planned to bake this Easter but have not got round to it yet. I found your blog through Cottage Smallholder and noticed that we follow a few of the same blogs. Happy blogging! x

felicity said...

Hi Mrs H. What lovely looking biscuits, beautiful colours! The cupcakes are truly professional! I too have a huge amount of cutters. To my shame my mum bought me a boxed set of vintage 'Tala' circus ones-they were a bit rusty, so I gave them away! (Sorry mum!),I could kick myself now.Hope you are having a good Easter!

Plain Jane said...

Well Mrs H what a tempting array of goodies you have there - I love the biscuits but those cupcakes are right up my street - teatime at your place must be fab! Nice to meet you x Jane

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

Lovely Easter baking Nikki! Love your collection of cutters! I can't resist adding to my collection whenever I see unusual new ones! If you are ever in Germany make a bee line for the nearest department store and head for the kitchen department - the Germans do biscuit cutters like no one else! E x

cherylj said...

Dear Mrs. H,

Congrats, you won the pattern giveaway on the Notes of Sincerity blog! I could not find another way to reach you so I trying this. Please send me your e-mail address to cheryljbrickey (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the pdf copy of the Charming pattern.

Thanks and congrats again,
Cheryl Brickey