Monday, January 16, 2012

Making a laundry bag for my daughter

My daughter and I went shopping recently to Southampton and spent a lovely time in my favourite shop John Lewis? One of my dreams if i won the lottery is to have a spending spree there. The store has so many lovely things and the staff are respectful and helpful, a lovely shopping experience. We visited the haberdashery dept and found some lovely Amy
Butler fabrics on offer. Such fantastic colourful patterns. I had decided that making a laundry bag for my daughter might persuade her to put her dirty clothes in the bag rather than on the floor! We choose three fabrics two for the outside and one for the lining. Aren't they lovely. I used the pattern from the Book 'Sewing in no time' by Emma Hardy. What do you think?

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plumbing said...

Over stuffing will cause the shape of the bag to change, and it will not stand properly if at all. These are very modern and popular for small children and young adults. There are also the zips up bags used for laundry.