Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mudeford quay

Today I was lucky enough to work for the day down near Mudeford. I love visiting there. The light is lovely, often dramatic in winter and bright and almost Mediterranean in the summer. 
I always have a lovely day there- the staff I work with are a lovely bunch and we enjoy catching up on news of our craft projects, chickens  veggie growing and cooking. We always have lots to talk about!

At lunchtime today I went for  walk at the quay and took some lovely photos. Although its seemed reasonably bright, it was a typical wintry day which  the photos  luckily show. Funnily an hour or so later the sun shone brightly but I think these photos show drama and a certain moodiness that wouldnt have been there later. How I love how changeable the weather can be here.  I was able to return to work for the afternoon rather wind swept and invigorated and very happy for my bite of fresh air!

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