Monday, January 16, 2012

Gardening by the moon!

I have often thought about gardening or planting by the moon and thought that at some point I would research and find out more about it. It seems such a romantic and mystical way of gardening , something that Joe from the book Blackberry wine (Joanne Harris) would have incorporated into his magical way of gardening.
So I was really excited to see an article in the Telegraph on Saturday in the Gardening section entitled 'Moon planting: just a passing phase' so I read it with intrepidation. Why? Well the romantic side of me loves the idea of these mystical and magical practises but I am scientifically trained and so there's the juxtaposition. Where's the scientific proof? Well Ken Thompson wrote his informative piece with enticing moonlight picture of an allotment and basically there is no scientific proof to show it works and in fact 'Which' tested planting calabrese, beetroot and lettuce under the optimum days for planting and also on the least optimum days and they found there were no differences in the yield! Disappointing!
Well at least I haven't spent time trying to plant at the 'right' times and at least I don't have to worry about how I have missed the right time for planting with the moon as I think this may be one thing too much for me to have to fit into my schedule. But........ There still is a little part of me that wants it to work just like there still is a little bit of me that believes in Joe's specials!

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