Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reclaimed, vintage wool- I can't help myself!

I have a confession to make - I'm a bit of a sucker for wool. Especially the pure stuff with nothing manmade added. So I have been collecting from charity shops mainly but anywhere where I can find previously loved pure new wool as I have this urge to give it a new home!

I have recently taken up crochet again and  I am making a multicoloured square throw for my daughter using my re-homed wool and I just love the idea that I'm making it from wool that has had a previous (if unused) life. I'm sure this must sound odd but somehow I imagine that all these wools will be brought to life again in the lovely multicoloured throw. The colours of the pure wool are softer, richer  and have a more natural feel as opposed to the harsher and brighter colours of the manmade fibres. 
 I got fed up rummaging around in my large bag for the required colour, when I remembered that I had this basket tucked away in the garage  and it works beautifully - I can see all the colours easily- as long as I keep the colours in their allocated areas!
 One one of my recent purchases was for llama wool- how cool is that!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the throw I have started. In the meantime its time to get the crochet hook on the move again.

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