Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage, reclaimed crochet square blanket

So here it is - the blanket I started making last summer when we were going through difficult times. It's going to be a longish process as I tend to make the squares when  sitting  down in the evening, usually when the family are watching something with a bit of suspense. I'm a bit if a wuss these days regarding scary, tense moments and funny enough the more scary and more tense  the film is, the faster I work!

I have used mainly natural pure wools but I did use one wool which I am sure has some manmade fibre in it and I think you can tell which one from the photo.

There were several blogs I followed particularly at that time (and still do). They were a source of inspiration to me. One of these bloggers was Lucy at Attic 24. Her crochet projects are so colourful and I used the pattern she used in one of her projects to make the squares. I think she described them as like a garden of flowers. She also has talked about a method where the squares are crocheted together as you go along which means that there is no major sewing together at the end. This I much prefer although I may regret it nearer the end as the blanket gets more bulky.

So lastly here is the back.  This is for Christian who kindly posted a picture of the back of his  beautiful quilt for me to see. Although I have crocheted the squares together as I have gone along, I haven't tidied up my ends yet on some of the squares. What do the crocheteers among you do.? Do you sew in your ends as you go along or do you have a magic formula? I'd love to hear from you....

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