Monday, April 15, 2013

Our cat!

Having started my new job recently- it was difficult to take time off this Easter. I did ask but it was  too short notice for cover to be arranged so I worked - I didn't really mind as I can have time off later. My hours do mean that I do get to spend some daytime at home with the youngsters - so we can still get out and about and the youngsters have time away from me too!- much to their relief.
Hence I haven't done much crafting but I did make a throw for the back of the sofa

 Our cat spends a lot of time sitting on the back of the sofa sunbathing and watching the world go by!
 The back of the sofa is starting to wear and I thought I had better make a throw for the cat to sit on-

 I made it using lots of scraps I had in the cupboard. I tried to choose mainly nautical type colours as the summer is coming and I love red cream and blue!
 I patch worked the squares and then backed the patchwork piece with a cream and navy boat pattern

 The cat has given his seal of approval but is not very fond of having his photo taken - he has a resigned look on his face!

 He has used  this quite a lot - so hopefully the sofa may last a little longer

We did get a bit of a surprise yesterday when we heard rumbling in the chimney in the living room. We were confused as the weather outside was still and sunny. The rumbling was accompanied by soot coming down the chimney and eventually a bird appeared.

 Our feathered friend was equally as shocked as ourselves. Daughter squealed and flapped around and the cat was delighted to have a play thing and immediately went into hunting mode. We eventually managed to separate the cat from the bird and then encouraged the bird to fly towards an open window. The bird escaped and flew up onto the roof of a neighbours house to recover.

 Even after we cleared up the mess the cat kept prowling around looking for his prey!
Needless to say I think he has forgotten about it today - I think it was too much excitement in one day for an ageing cat!


serendipity said...

Your cat looks very happy with his lovely new blanket. Good job he didn't get the poor bird! xx

Beth said...

What a great idea, we need one of those for the top of our sofa! I need to make a mini quilt for the cat to sit in front of the radiator first though, in an attempt to stop her pulling the clean laundry down to sit on in the utility room. Beth/thelinencat xx