Sunday, December 2, 2012

I can't believe its been a month!


I really can't believe that its been a month since I last posted. We have been busy here as usual but I have been particularly caught with making things. It all started with a message via Facebook did I want to have a stall at a christmas fair? Did I ? Well the crafting has taken over rather and I did and do still need to move items- as my sewing room -well actually the spare room- is full of bags of cushions, lavender bags, bags , christmas stockings, aprons- mostly in a completed state. There is however the mountain of fabric that I seemed to have accrued. It has become quite obsessional.

 Needless to say I did say yes to the fair - as I really needed the prompting. My stuff wasn't going to sell sitting in my back bedroom.  I have long been following Christian from Christians blog and his stories of his craft stalls have inspired me to have ago too- so thank you Christian.
 The date of the fair grew closer and closer and the closer we got,the more things I felt I needed to make!
 I had a tablecloth ready, float, bags to put sales in  ( recycled brown paper bags from work- which my daughter and I stamped with a cream paint leaf design), spare sewing kit, lunch and of course all my goodies.

The morning came and off I set. I had planned my table sort of in my head. I didn't really know the size of the table so I knew I had to play with the arrangement once I arrived. I found the hall and parked and there was my table with my name on- it was very exciting. The adrenaline was flowing!

 My table was ready to go - all we needed was the customers! I don't know what happened but there were 36 stall holders and only 50 odd customers all day ! I did make a couple of sales which went towards the cost of the stall and I did manage to part with some money for some Christmas presents but  that was my day. It was a bit of an anticlimax but hey I did my first stall! And I met some lovely stallholders!

A friend also had a Christmas evening and I made far more sales then- so at least I can get into the back room now! I now have a few orders to make for people and I will be concentrating on these before thinking on what we need  and all that christmas shopping I need to do!

Ps sorry for the quality of some of the photos but I have dropped my phone and the back is cracked and its affecting the quality of the shots - sorry!


Jane Sarchet said...

Well done for losing you craft fair cherry :) And yes, we were wondering where you'd got to! Janie x

Mrs H said...

Hi Jane Thank you! Yes I'm back ! and glad to be back!