Sunday, June 24, 2012

Please bear with me!

Things have been rather busy recently and I apologise for not having posted for 9 days. The exams have now finished - hurrah! but it does take the youngsters a little while to re- ac customise their lives and thats just what is happening now . We have visited the  Harry Potter studios  and had a fab afternoon there - I have taken a number of photos and hope to post some at some stage.
I have managed to escape with friends to Bath for a weekend- with lots of laughter, food , wine and general girliness. Bath is such a fabulous place to visit- I again have taken some photos and hope to post some soon.
This week is family time and I'm not sure if I will be able to make a post before Friday but I am looking forward to posting again so keep this an eye on my Blog!!! Hope to see you again at the weekend if not before!!!!!!


Beth said...

Glad all the exams are done, I'm kind of dreading that time when it comes with my two! Looking forward to the Harry Potter studio posts, I hear it's great fun to visit. Bethx (the linen cat - which you probably know, but ever since blogger doesn't like me using my wordpress ID, so I have to use my google email, I always add it in case you don't know which 'beth' I am!)

Mrs H said...

Hi Beth thank you for your comment . Yes I do realise which Beth you are - such a pretty name! We are glad the exams are over and things are slowly returning to normal. Harry potter studios were fab- we. Maybe making a second visit as one daughter wasn't able to attend! I've lost of blog reading to do when I get home and lots of posts to write. Now all we need is the weather to pick up!

Ariella said...

I'm so jealous - I'd love to visit Bath.
We hope to visit the Harry Potter studios sometime. It looks amazing. :)