Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching up

We have had a very busy summer with lots of comings and goings. I even found time to do some time to do my proper job. But the main goal was to see everyone settled into their academic or work enviroments. It has been a summer of nervous waiting,  anticipation and  just working out what they all wanted from their futures.
I am happy to say things have worked out well. Those of the family who didn't think they would do well- did well and are into college and doing the subjects they wanted for A levels. We have one happy member off and in the middle of freshers week at University. My elder son has changed course literally - it has  been a brave decision to leave his current job and is starting a new degree . We only heard this week that he has the student finance in place to be able to complete the course. Talk about last minute! He has his last day at work today. It was a hard decision to leave the safe confines of the work environment and the regular pay packet, especially in this current climate. How ever I think he would only have regretted not taking the plunge. He is still young enough and has no ties - so its now or never!
 So you can see things have been a bit manic. We are all trying to get used to new timetables, beginnings and changes of direction.
 I have managed to do the odd bit of cooking and crafting and hope to update you on those over the next few posts.

On one of my recent visits to the allotment I found  I had a few oversized courgettes or  should I say marrows enough to enable me to make my first batch of chutney of the year. I based my recipe around Hugh Ferningly-Withingtsalls autumn chutney recipe and substituted fruits and vegetables.
Heres the finished article.

Its been difficult waiting the required three to four weeks for it to mature and become more rounded in flavour.
The vegetable box they have been sitting in was a lovely present from a friend who knows I have a love for my allotment and all things produce. I also received this beautiful  french style first aid box. Isn't it fantastic! I just love it!


Beth said...

Glad to hear the new academic year has started well for you and yours, I'm glad mine are still so young, I don't need to worry yet (although we live in an 11+ area so I'll have to start worrying soon, sadly). Your jars of chutney look great all lined up in the vegetable tray, I have had to stop making it, as only I will eat it and it forces, yes forces me to eat to much cheese ;) Beth/thelinencatx

Mrs H said...

Hi Beth- My sister has been through the 11plus this year and by all accounts it seemed to be quite stressful. Hoping when it gets to your turn it wont be so bad, She did resort to tutors and they did seem to help as her twin boys have got into a good school! We are so lucky that we dont have that here!

thinking of the days said...

Good luck to your of mine has jsut started his own business...a brave move , like your son's!

As for your chutney labels...very impressed! How did you do them?