Thursday, August 30, 2012

Old Margate

 One of our day trips on our recent holiday in Kent took us to Margate. We headed to the old town which is has a number of vintage shops and cafes.

Sorry I  had to include a kiss me quick type postcard!

It was a good day, sunny with some cloud but at least it was dry1

The window displays  were great . This one was in a shop front for a community project.
 There were lots of cafes including The Cupcake cafe seen here in the pedestrian square
 Sadly on this visit the vintage shops were shut. So guess what. we had to make another visit the next day!
 Oh and we found our favourite-  an old fashioned sweetie shop!
There were  a number of gift type shops.
 There were lots of lovely buildings and alleyways.
 and some lovely flower displays down near the seafront!

 And yes we returned the next day- to visit the Vintage shops- two were open this time . I bought two vintage  yellow flowery pillowcases for one of my daughters room.

 We also visited the Turner Contemporary museum to see the Tracy Emin exhibition which was certainly  thought provoking. It had a definite sexual undertone!
 We then stopped and had a coffee and cake outside on the terrace in the sun. As you can tell we love our coffee/ tea stops. I was relieved to see that not only do they offer mugs of tea  for those that like it but also  pots of tea too! I love my tea poured from a pot into a china cup and so I was a happy bunny. I am  very easily pleased. How do you like your tea? Are you a mug or a china cup person?


Beth said...

Sounds and looks like a perfect (two!) days out. Makes me think we need to explore Kent more as we always go to the same old places over and over and haven't been to Margate for years - not since it got re-vamped. Vintage shops.......might need to leave my credit cards at home - ha ha. Beth/thelinencat xx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I went to Margate once when I was a little girl. No where as culturally elegant as the Turner museum, I'm afraid. I think the place we went was called Ben Bomb Brother's Theme Park, or something like that - but it was great fun!!

Your blog is lovely!!


Mrs H said...

Thank you Sarah- sorry to take so long to reply- things have been very busy here . Hoping things are good in your house and your new baby is doing well

Don Wood said...

mrs h I have pinched the piccie of you flowers on margate front for my blog post on Margate fc I am linking back to your post to credit you for the piccie hpe you dont mind please visit my blog post