Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taking stock

Time away often results in moments for reflection and taking stock. At least I find that it is so. Just being away from home and all the inevitable chores, things that need fixing, cupboards that need clearing, helps clear the mind! and allows other thoughts to circulate. In this case my thoughts this week turned to gardens.

My  summer this year seems to be a full of gardens. I have forgotten how much I love roses.....
Can you smell this rose, the scent is intoxicating and every time  I see this photo I can smell the heady notes. Its clever how the senses are all intertwined!
This rose scrambled up by the front door- close to my favourite seat
and this one was in a border closeby;
Whilst away I studied the gardens around in the vicinity. Our garden at home is on the edge of the South Downs which means it is mainly chalk with a very  thin soil layer on top. This means it drains well but is not particularly nutrient rich. These gardens also are on thin soil above deep chalk. So I thought I would see what grew well here and perhaps try them at home.
This Acanthus was found growing in several gardens.
The hibiscus came in blue pinks and white.

Not forgetting the fuscias- they grew everywhere ! If you look closely there is a fuscia plant nestling under the hibiscus.
 More roses- fabulous in a border!
 The palm tree- in a neighbours garden. I think this might look out of place away from the coast but it  did made me feel like I was on holiday.
and the Verbena bonariensis and the Agapanthus- lovely combination ! to die for!!! I will be trying this! I also noted cosmos, japanese anemones and even some calendula in lots of the gardens. I hope to include a lot of these in my garden for next year - so back to the planning!

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Don Wood said...

Hi me again I love roses I used to have a customer when I worked at Dewhurst the butchers who was a fantastic rose grower a champion in fact and he always wore a rose on his lapel and I used to love smelling them. I still stop to smell roses all these years later. Don