Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cups of tea and a trip out

We had a rare few hours this afternoon when all the younger members of the family were at home together . My elder son had worked night's this weekend and had  today off. Everyone was around after 3pm . I had a think - what should we do?- time for tea!

As long standing members of the National trust - why not visit a nearby place for a walk  and a cup of tea. Our nearest NT place is at Hinton Ampner near Cheriton and that's just where we headed.      

I was really delighted that everyone agreed to visit. (In the past family members have  NOT been keen to vist NT places- as they were seen as not cool!) .

The gardens were beautiful , the house lovely . I envied the curtains in one of the bedrooms. ( I know that sounds weird but I do have a particular interest in fabric at the moment). In fact we decided that we loved the house and gardens and could happily live there. It would be fab for posh parties with drinkies on the terrace. If only it was for sale and we  had won the lottery!  

Kitchen garden
Kitchen garden

The walled gardens were  a joy to walk round - even their vegetable gardens werent looking as productive as normal. Our wet weather this year has really had  an effect on our all our  vegetable growing. At least it's not just me that's been affected!

View from the back of the house 
The gardens were a joy to walk round even with four very big teenagers. There were lots of hidden paths leading to fantastic views and interesting focal points

 I loved these Agapanthus flowers or would you say Agapanthi?
 And these beautiful dahlias- I hated these as a child but absolutely love them now.

 I so want this building - it would make a great studio don't you think?

The Little shop

After  a lovely  stroll around the grounds we headed for the tea shop. Tea and cake all round in the sunshine!

A lovely way to catch up and finish the day!


trish said...

Oh how I wish I could see such lovely homes!! :o)

thinking of the days said...

what a lovely place...I've never heard of it before....but feel a visit should be on the cards.Nice photos too!