Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jam and Pickle making

You can tell summer is here when I  start jam making again. It started several weeks ago when I made my hedgerow jelly. That was instigated after reading  Nostalgia at the stonehouse's blog where she was making chutney using her frozen produce from  last year.

 My family had been bemoaning the fact that it was impossible to fit anything in the freezer. When I looked it was full of produce from last year- I had filled the freezer, with a promise that I would make things when I had more time! The crab apples were taking up a lot of space - hence the need to make jelly1

I used crab apples , raspberries redcurrants and blackberries. The redcurrants give a little sharpness to the jelly. I noticed on someone else's blog ( Mrs  Thomasina Tittlemouse I think! ) that they had a nifty red frame for their jelly bag. I remember my  Mum always made jelly using a jelly bag and a heath robinson affair involving an upturned stool and so I have followed suit .
 ta da! the finished product:

 This week I found some bargain gooseberries in the supermarket and as my  own plant bushes saw fit  not to supply me with any fruit this year. I had to purchase them to make this jam:
  I added a little vanilla stick and some cinnamon stick to the gooseberries to give a depth of flavour

 Do you like my new jam jars? and the lids? I think they go well with my dotty theme don't you?

  I have also been busy pickling beetroot and made four jars like this last night

This is always popular in my house. I can't seem to keep up with the supply

Any way back to the hob, Plum jam is on the go and I've nearly let it burn already once so must dash....... happy cooking!

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trish said...

De.Licious!!! I need a set up like what you used. I am posting my crabapple jelly making in the very near future. Doesn't it smell heavenly when you make jelly/jam??
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will you hop over and give it a thumbs up? The title of my quilt is
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Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Trish xo