Saturday, August 11, 2012

Forgotten gardens

We had  a few days spare so part of the family went visiting to a house with a forgotten garden. My mum has worked hard on the house and garden. Who would know that this garden is within a ten minute walk of the town centre!

 This house had been owned by the same family since it was built in the 1930's. There was lots of character in the house. It felt welcoming and very homely from the first step we took inside. Almost like it was welcoming the next era in its life!
 My girls started weeding! Unheard of! Who would have thought that  teenagers would enjoy gardening!
 These columns were the gateway into the lower garden-aren't they fabulous?. I think there are 12 columns in all- mostly overgrown at the moment but gradually being uncovered.
 My Mum has dug an area for vegetables- Her courgettes are much better than mine! and her beans are doing well too!
 Her potatoes are going great guns- very little evidence of blight unlike mine which succumbed to blight  some weeks ago!
 This her pond area - its teaming with frogs- the raised bed is earmarked for veg and some herbs next year!
Waterlilies in her pond

 Remnants of the old greenhouse! together with Mums current tomato plants!

 Her Buddhlias are a little overgrown but the bees were happy!
and the butterflies........

Her current herb garden _ complete with goblin- on the bottom right hand side
The goblin is called Lugh , after a celtic god.

Garden shed with watering can!

Stained glass in the front door.

Original tiling in the kitchen and bathroom!
And lastly an afternoon of daisy chain making!

Hope you enjoy our visit as much as we did!

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