Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm tidying up!

It all started with the hot spell - well  the few days we had a week or so ago. I don't know what it is about warm weather. It makes me want to clean and sort. I have spring cleaned the shed down at the allotment.


After a trip to the Tip!

 I then started to clear the garage - I'm a bit of a hoarder  and old habits die hard. I have been collecting jam jars and bottles for my bottling , jam making etc. I never have the right jar for the purpose and I can never find the right lids- So they have gone- well most of them anyway.

 However-----  there had to be a catch didn't there?  I have bought some new ones to replace them. They came in strong cardboard boxes ideal for storage! They have lovely new lids and they are all matching! I'm getting ready for my jam and chutney making!

Its very difficult to throw things away when you may just need them very soon! and it doesn't help when I hate waste. But there comes a time when stuff is everywhere and doesn't have its own home - then I just have to be brave and relocate it somewhere else ie to charity This makes me feel  happy as hopefully  at least three people  will benefit:
1) the charity to whom its been donated
2) the next owner of the item
3) me - I have a uncluttered home.
This tidying up phase has also hit  my blog - hence the new header!

Now I think I shall remove the adverts. I signed up to Adsense thinking that I could at least control the type of Ads I had on my blog. I really hate having financial and conservatory ads and having checked I think I can only  block a small amount of adverts.  I am beginning to not like viewing my blog because of them and if its affects me this way - it must put off others. So I think its time to remove them.  If anyone knows differently please let me know! but until then bye bye adverts!

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