Thursday, October 18, 2012

A day out with Jamie and Alex at Feastival

Recently things have been a bit disorganised and chaotic. We are still settling into our new routines. Mr H and I - our routines haven't changed a lot - except I'm managing to fit in a few more days going out to work. Necessary as we now have two children at university ( in different directions of course but both beginning with C so thats helpful when the odd moment of dementia or middleageness sets in). I say children, I should really say young adults as they are definitely not children anymore.

Our younger two are now at sixth form college. I know I'm going to sound boring but "in my day we were at college from 9 until at least 4.30 every day except Wednesday which is a half day. This does not seem to be the case anymore- and we have teenagers coming and going at different times every day of the week. Also this week they have an extra two days off  so it feels as if my week has flown by in a trance! The lack of any routine is what is so difficult to get to grips with! Never mind no doubt I will get used to it just in time  for them to finish their A levels!

I'm feeling sad as I really haven't had time to blog and have so missed talking to anyone who wants to read this but it does help one to sort things  and put them into perspective. I am soooo looking forward to catching up on all the blogs I havent had time to read either! So next week I shall give myself sometime to do the things I want to do like blogging etc. Anyway enough of the rant and more blogging !

During the summer we had hoped to pop over to France for our annual holiday but  with exam results both GCSE and A levels featuring heavily this summer and also University places to sort it just wasn't going to be.
We did however manage a day trip to Jamie's Feastival on Alex James( Blur ) farm in Oxfordshire.
We had a lovely day with fabulous food on offer

They made fabulous veggie paella!

 cooking shows, and bands to listen to.

We loved it because all though there we a good number of people there we didn't feel crowded in. The loos were much cleaner and more organised than other festivals_ ( very important in our house- we like decent and clean loos!)

We got to see Jamie close up ,

( who incidentally was lovely- insisting on signing all the people in the queues books even though he had run well over time!)

We saw Gennaro

as well as Alex James, Julia Bradbury from Country File. Mr H is convinced that he saw Adam from Country file in the loos but he felt it was inappropriate to ask!

We were so lucky with the weather as it wasn't promising as we set off and I have to admit the prospect of a day sitting in the rain did not appeal. The weather cleared , just the odd spit of rain- but on the whole it was dry.

Lots of things to do!

 We saw Josh Osho, Razorlight The Guillemots,   and Texas

All in all fabulous day and I think next year we might even make  a weekend of it!

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