Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starting to think about the C word!

Its getting near the end of October and again I was reminded by a post on Twitter that Christmas is not an awful long time away. I think I get a sort of nesting fever and it tends to start right now. My family (well mainly Mr H) find it difficult to comprehend but I hate not being ready and particularly after two years ago when I went down with flu the week on the run up to Christmas. Luckily I was reasonably ahead of the game but it did mean all hands on deck so that we were ready for the big day.

So I'm thinking of making our pickled onions this week and as its half term next week it seems an ideal opportunity for us to make the cake and Christmas pudding!
How are you doing- have you started planning yet?

Talking of half term - this is my self imposed deadline for the garlic and over winter onion planting. I do hope the weather will be kind to us!

Its a brief post today- I thought you would like to see what I have been making this morning. One of Mr H's side of the family is about to have their first baby . This will be the first baby in the next generation but unfortunately they live in New Zealand  so no quick visits to meet the new addition. Thank goodness for modern technology - at least we will get to see photos  and be able to follow the progress via Facebook etc.

Anyway I have made some burp cloths ( sick cloths - whatever you like to call them! - all hideous names but I can't think of what else to call them!) . I made them using 100% cotton with brushed cotton backing for softness and so that it won't slip off a shoulder easily!

I had to choose neutral colours as the the babies sex is going to be a surprise. I'm hoping that
the fabrics I have chosen will suit either a boy or a girl. I hope they will be liked and most importantly useful!
This afternoon I am going to have a bash at making some bibs. So wish me luck........


Beth said...

I'm completely with you on the nesting and being prepared for the big C, I hate leaving it until the last minute and have already started collecting gifts together and plan puddings and cake next weekend. I hope you get your garlic and onions in, mine went in yesterday as I hear the weather si going to turn nasty this weekend! Bethx (thelinencat)

Don Wood said...

Hope you garlic is ok we have a flower border and usually my wife pops a few bulbs of garlic in for cooking with next year.