Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring is on its way

The sun has finally come out and it feels like spring is on its way.

Its been a funny old week with a light dusting of snow one day. The primroses were smiling bravely!

I finally got round to making a batch of marmalade:

My daughter made some peanut butter cookies_ yummy

 I made some chocolate chip fairy cakes...

 I do miss the chickens- I had to buy eggs!

 and Daughter made a second set of cookies

 and they have all gone- time to make some more munchies I think!


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

That's the trouble with delicious homemade baking like yours and your daughter's - it just vanishes like smoke! Still, it's a happy vote of confidence even if it means one has to set to and bake again! E x

Mrs H said...

It's a good excuse to do more baking! Nothing worse than unbeaten and unwanted baking - so only to happy to keep the troops fed c

Beth said...

Mmmmmm yummy, your post is making my tummy grumble! Sadly, no sweet things allowed :( as I HAVE to loose the 'baby' weight (yes, yes, my youngest is about to turn 6, but you know how it is), still I can look and imagine how lovely they taste, especially the cookies. Bethx (thelinencat)