Saturday, March 2, 2013

My two week shop window

Some time ago - early in 2012 in fact - I booked the window in our local library- for a small rental fee .
 It was after Christmas - in those dark and grey days when I thought why not? And to be truthful I had totally forgotten about it until the middle of February this year when someone mentioned half term.   There was that awful moment when I suddenly remembered that rash booking and I panicked thinking I had nothing to put in the window! I needn't of worried- once I started looking I had more than I thought to display!

 The end of the two weeks is nearly up and I have been delighted to see the number of people who have  stopped to take a look!
 I have been decanting again - this time Mirabelle plum brandy! I made it two summers ago using the beautiful small little yellow plums and a not very expensive brandy. It wasn't quite ready last summer - it was still a little harsh but my how smooth it is now- with lovely plummy/prune y undertones.

Delicious!- Mr H is not so fond of it - plenty more for me I say.

I think he had made a decision not to like it before he even tasted it. He is not really a fruit liker so I should't have been surprised when he pronounced his verdict.

Its still very chilly here but quite sunny this afternoon. Tomorrow is also looking good so I am looking forward to making a long awaited trip to the allotment to catch up on some digging and perhaps a little plum brandy when I return! Hoping you manage to catch some fresh air too..........

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Beth said...

It must have been quite exciting to have a 'window' for a week, I'm glad you didn't end up in a panic and it came together nicely. You need a little hip flask, so you can take some of the (delicious sounding) plum brandy to the allotment, my sister always whips out a mini flask of sloe gin when we go winter wood walking, always a nice treat. Bethx