Thursday, March 28, 2013

Parents night- a night of roller coaster emotions!

Parents night comes round far to quickly for my liking. Having two now at university does allow us some relief. However we do still have two at home and although they are at college, we are called- no -"invited in" to see the tutors when there is " cause for concern".
My Spanish Exercise book circa 1974- in the days when covered books with wallpaper remnants!

I can't believe I am letting you look at my exercise book!

We even used real ink!

 We also wasted nothing - this book is full of spanish, and in the spaces : Richard 11 notes, Silas Marner notes and even  some genetics for biology !

 I think my fear or dread of this most tortuous of nights dates back far into my past - where comments were often-" Miss O ( my maiden name) could do better......... It would help if Miss O concentrated and didn't gaze out of the window............or even if she brought in her homework..........."
I positively detested those evenings- I did so hate disappointing my parents.

These days I still hate them but now from the view point from the other side of the fence.  How often I have attended all happy faced and smiley wondering what wonderful things my precious child has done only to hear that history is sort of repeating itself! In fact if a teacher reports something wonderful or is glowing about my child ( and this does happen despite my previous comments) I positively fill up with tears as I become immensely proud. It is an evening of roller coaster emotions.

A  hand drawn map of where we were going to meet on a trip- no sat nav then !

 Does the term "Parents Night " give you nightmares or did you or  have you had better experiences ?

Ohh and also some French!

 For my part this is one evening after which a large glass of something cool white and made from fermented grape is called for! and I am off to find my glass and the fridge!

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