Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas tree

We thought we would get our tree this week , which is early for us. In the
past we have had difficulty finding the right one. So an earlier trip was planned. My other half and the girls went to choose and spent along time looking for the right shape and height. There was much discussion about which type of tree it would be. In the end cost was a major factor and we went for the traditional Norwegian spruce . Some of the other types were about £ 70 each!
We are so glad we collected the tree on Wednesday afternoon instead of the weekend as there was a fire at the hospital near the garden centre and the road was shut for access . I do hope everyone at the hospital was ok.
These days I leave the girls to decorate the tree and here is a picture of this year's tree. The house smells very Christmassy . Now we just have to remember to water the tree...,,,

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Beth said...

Thanks for your lovely comment over and The Linen Cat and for linking back to my blog, it's much appreciated. Lovely tree, we bought ours at the weekend and it's filling the house with a heavenly pine smell. Hope the rest of the run up to Christmas goes well for you. Beth/The Linen Cat :)