Saturday, December 17, 2011

Visiting family

Last weekend I went to visit family who live near near Milton Keynes . My daughter and I had a lovely time being looked after . We went to finish the shopping for that side of the family and to swop pressies. Shopping is always better when done with like minded people. We laughed a lot and stopped frequently for refreshments and were able to relax a bit from away from the relentless pressure on the run up to Christmas
We went shopping in the lovely small town Olney. It is a very pretty place full of honey coloured old and quaint buildings. There are a several thrift shops ( I think that's the trendy name for charity shops!). One of them was of particular note as it is extremely clean well layed out with very reasonably priced pieces of vintage style bric a brac. The other shop that took my fancy was a new one called "Chic Boutique" . This sells new and used designer and high street fashion and shabby chic and vintage homeware- according to the blurb. In the changing room the cutest little girls dress was hanging up . It was so lovely I had to take a picture . I bought a lovely red lined jigsaw cardigan for £ 10 . It really is very festive- and I know I will wear it a lot over the holidays. Again the china pieces were very reasonable , I cannot wait for a return visit !

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