Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three days to go!

Its been a difficult day here so far with stressed teenage children and a very poorly chicken!.  We finally got the christmas pudding mix weighed out and hope fully will get it cooked tomorrow.  Peppermint creams on the go, fudge made yesterday and christmas cake partly made.We've delivered some of the presents and did a little christmas shopping. Further shopping will be done tomorrow and food shopping early Saturday morning. So we've sort of got a plan made!
My mother surprised me this morning by sending me a text to ask what time tomorrow my parents should arrive for Christmas. This sent me into panic mode thinking I had lost a day somewhere- but all's well, she had got her days mixed up! Hoping tomorrow is calmer in Mrs H's household!
On a happier note I hope to post a picture of the damson gin- see if you can spot the deliberate mistake?

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