Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four days to go !

We have been very busy here at Mrs H's humble abode in preparation for the big day. My youngest daughter made these gingerbread men using a Swedish recipe . The recipe originally came from my best friend who lived in Sweden for some years. We now make them every year and the house smells of the spices as we make it .
Today I have to finish putting the muslin and ribbons on the jams and chutneys and then wrap them up for our friends and neighbours. What started out as a few parcels has rapidly grown as we remember more people we would like to give to.
I also have to finish wrapping the other gifts for friends and their families. I hope to post pictures at a later date of some other things I have been busy making but this may have to wait until after Christmas .
So job list for today :
1. Put finishing touches on craft presents.
2. Finish putting muslin and ribbon on jars and pack into bags and decorated.
3. Finish wrapping presents for friends and family.


Beth said...

Your daughter's gingerbread looks great, we normally make some stars for the tree but this year have not found time. In fact you should very 'ready' in general. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Beth/The Linen Cat

Mrs H said...

Thank you for your lovely comments and especially for being the first to comment on my blog. My daughters and I love your mice and your bags - they really are lovely and very inspirational although I fear I have a long way to get to that standard. Have a lovely Christmas - hoping your husband recuperates welll !
Thanks again

Mrs H said...
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