Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter hols

I know the holidays are over but it all happened so fast and disappeared in blink of an eye. It didn"t help that I seemed to go down with a virus- not as bad as the flu virus I had  the  Christmas before last but  not good none the less. All chicks were home in the nest and lots of possible changes going on regarding their plans for the future but it all keeps us on our toes!!
On Easter Sunday some of the family visited Southsea- we have such a lovely time there and when we parked our car , several cars ahead one of my husbands cycling buddies and his family were parked . How coincidental was that!!

  And photos of the young ones:

 They are meant to be over exposed- Arty?

Anyway I thought I would post some photos of our trip . I took more than usual so will post more next time.  I have become more obsessed with flora an hence the photos so far. We had a lovely time- I love being by the sea- and having spent a number of years in Portsmouth, this area has a lot of fond memories for me. More photos to follow!

 I love these ice-cream coloured huts! Until the next time and more photos!!!


Stacy said...

love the beach hut picture, reminds me of summer holidays when i was a boy :-)

Mrs H said...

They are lovely aren't they! I love beach huts perhaps it's because they are shed like! But hey remind me of summer!