Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring blossom

Okay as promise photos of my spring fruit tree blossom:

Last year I planted very hurriedly an apple and a plum cordon next to each other and lost their tags. I think this is the plum tree:

 I also bought a nectarine mini tree from homebase in the sale- just look at all the lovely blossom:

 This is the blossom on my espaliered pear which was a birthday pressie several years ago:

 and last lastly blossom on my James Grieve tree I planted last year!
I just hope the frost doesn't get them. It would be lovely to enjoy their fruits this year!


Dorset Finca said...

What beautiful pictures. I am on frost watch too and run around madly with sheets of fleece if the forecast is bad. Hopefully we're done with the bad spells and all of our new buds and blossoms will be safe - hurrah! x

Mrs H said...

Thanks . Glad things could be getting better . I love this time if year. Promises of things to come and all that !

Beth said...

Oh your blossom looks lovely! I hope it sets fruit and you get loads this year, I'm worried we'll get a late frost before the bees get to ours as well.

Beth (the linen cat)x

Mrs H said...

Hi beth - This time of year is so exciting don't you think? Hope your trees provide lots of fruit this year. Nikkix