Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lavender bags

I haven't been posting a lot recently as I haven't been feeling a hundred percent- having a flu like virus over Easter and migraines this week and now I feel I'm going down with something else! It must be bad if Mr H notices!- His comment this morning was "You looked wrecked". Always a good start to the day I find!!

I digress - I really wanted to tell you about my order for the Long Barn in Alresford who wanted a Jubilee theme lavender bag and the fantastic people there gave a me  a lovely order.  I finally finished the order in the second week of the hols and have taken some photos for you to see:

My lavender bags in the basket

Red white and blue! 

Blue White and Blue!

Standing to attention

I am really delighted with with how they turned out - a lot of hard work but so worth it!
.If you are near Alresford in Hampshire you should really give the Long Barn a visit. Long Barn are growers  and distillers of lavender  which is grown locally in Hampshire. I understand that they are opening a coffee shop towards the end of May. There are no parking problems as they have their own car park and its within walking distance of the town. So why not pop in for some lavender, beauty products or some of their other lovely items? Who could resist?


Janie said...

Mrs H, they look adorable! What a great display you've created too :)

Beth said...

I'm sorry to read you haven't been well, I hope you are better now. Your lavender bags look great all grouped together, perfect for the Jubilee. Bethx