Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Sunday in Portsmouth Part Two

I left you down on Southsea seafront by the beach huts in my last post. I soo love beach huts. I think these are rentable but think they are quite expensive. I would just love to own one - particularly the ones you can stay in overnight like the ones at hengistbury-head in Dorset.
On with our day trip- having had the cobwebs blown from us on our shore walk we headed down to the old part of Portsmouth, funnily enough called Old Portsmouth. It is very quaint down there. You can walk all the way from the far end of the seafront along the promenade  all the way to Old Portsmouth, we didn't on this occasion as our eldest's leg was just out of plaster and he was still limping a bit.
We mouched around and took photos and stopped at a very old haunt of ours -The Still and West, for a half pint! Of course that was  diet coke for some!

The promenade at Southsea- the quiet end!!

 We parked our car here and wondered- there are lots of interesting buildings old and new!

Aren't these gates amazing?

The little teashop which you can see in this picture was once student accommodation for several of friends many years ago!

 And one of many faux pas pictures with the spinnaker tower appearing to come out of the top of the boat. The views from the top of the tower are amazing!
 My daughter wanted us to set up a teashop here: Its a shame there was one a few doors away already!
 Lots of little alleyways:
 and heading round to the Still and West past Spice Island!
 Nearly there now! and a view over to Gunwharf Quays
At last !

Hope you enjoyed our trip!

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