Sunday, February 26, 2012

Allotment - first trip of the season!

After listening to Terry ( down at the allotment ) on Radio2  on Friday I realised that I am way behind schedule as far as the growing season is concerned and so I vowed to get started!!!
I managed to sneak away yesterday and spend some lovely me time down at the allotment. It was a glorious sunny day and I REALLY enjoyed my trip there!

Before I started
On arrival I viewed my plot - there were canes with all the remnants of last years growth entwined, dried stems of the nasturtiums all over what was the potato area, large clumps of grass and weeds. Even an old cloche frame.  I was quite disheartened-Where do I begin?

Lots to do

 I decided it had to be prepare the potato section for this year ( seeing as I bought my first  batch of seed potatoes for this year on Friday) and so I got going- clearing the patch to enable the digging to begin. I had forgotten how lovely the earth smells as it is dug, clean , earthy and crumbly with the occasional whiff of onion as I found the remnants of last years crop. Absolutely fantastic- with lots of promise for the coming year.

Over half way

Time for refreshments - but forgot the coffee :(
I worked very hard digging for two and a half hours until I could hardly walk properly and a proper refuel was required. How I enjoyed my time so relaxing , almost like a form of medicine, a therapy and I view my stiffness today as a medal of honour .

 Spread some muck and compost and its ready!

 I can't wait to get down there again. Shush don't tell any one I hope to go again today if things permit so kept your fingers crossed for me!

A bonus crop of parsnips and leeks- so soup and roast parsnips today1

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Beth said...

Oh you are good, I have no dig raised beds (that do need a bit of digging but not much) but mine's still a mess, I need to follow your lead and get out there and tidy it properly, I have made a start but there's still a lot to do. Bethx