Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gosh how quickly the week has flown!

The week has really flown by. I think it always does when it's half term. I do love having les enfants around but I always forget how messy they are! It has been a good week with trips to the seaside and London -with also a visit to cousins this weekend. I'm not sure how much revision/ coursework has been done as they all seem to be able to multitask - on the computer, watching tv or listening to music at the same time. I must be getting old as I can really only concentrate on doing one or the other.
 I think elder son finds all the school holidays strange as its his first year of working but I think he enjoys his new responsibilities and enjoys going out to work every day.
With regards to this week I even managed two days working in Mudeford - down by the sea- I always feel like I've been on my holidays after a visit there. It must be the sea air and the lovely people I work with. My elder daughter made tea for the family on one of the days- it was so lovely coming in the front door to be greeted by the lovely smell of supper. She also baked some valentine cupcakes -aren't they lovely .

I have also been busy on the clearing out front and have a number of bags waiting at the front door to go to the charity shop. I hope they don't wait there too long- getting there is another story, as I have been known to drive round with them in the boot of the car for a couple of weeks. So today's job is to take them down there. Hoping you all have a lovely weekend a wrap up warm as I believe Sunday is getting cooler again.

I think this rose cupcake is calling me  ..... coffee and cake time I believe!

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