Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've been playing- kilt pins

I had sometime yesterday evening to have a play. We eat early these days and it does give us an evening - time that we didn't have before. I'm not sure how that works but the evening seemed to disappear when we ate at a later time.
I recently bought a number of kilt pins and thought about making some brooches or bag pins. I have been collecting bits and bobs that might be useful for a little while and I sat down last night and had a play.

I wanted an England / British theme and these are my first brooches. I crocheted the hearts on valentines day- as I just felt that I had to! the lace is vintage and the other bits all just seemed to go together- including the rose! What do you think?


Beth said...

I like these and let's face it - British is the big thing these days! Beth (the linen cat) x

Mrs H said...

Thank you Beth. They are not as lovely as your brooches but I'm sure the design will evolve over time. Your work is really inspiring and your finishing is definitely something to aspire to!