Tuesday, February 14, 2012

London for the day!

Having recovered from the shock of  the cost of a day return ticket to London, my younger daughter and I set off for the day.

We headed for Convent Garden and I looked forward to visiting all the little shops there. I was disappointed in that they were all parts of the normal chains eg body shop lush l'occitane etc it would have been lovely to find some boutiquey places with lots of lovely treasures. I had forgotten how cold it is there. I think it must be in a cold spot or even a wind tunnel- it was so cold!

We did find the Moomin shop however. Lots of lovely books, bags etc based on the Finnish character.

We also found another shop with some pretty things like these owls:

We headed off for lunch in Starbucks where they tried to tell me that they didn't have any trays for me to carry our lunch and drinks on. Funnily they did find one eventually- the lovely lady on the drinks section was very helpful even if the smiley man on the orders section couldn't be bothered and was too busy  to look. Sorry me just having a grump about the service! We did have a lovely lunch  tho and we did get to warm up before moving off again.
 We found our way to Regent street and had a mooch there and found several lovely shops before having to think about returning to get the 3.30 train (as we got the supersaver day return ticket as I was still in shock about the cost of the ticket).
We are on the hunt for a ball dress for younger daughter  and saw several that we may have to return soon to check out properly.
This was followed by the lovely hour sitting taking in the view, people watching, reading an odd page and the occasional fight against heavy eyes on the way home.

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