Thursday, February 9, 2012

Did you want salad with that!!

I can't believe its Thursday already. I'm not sure I like this cold weather- its making me feel quite lethargic. Not sure that the chickens like it either. Their water was seriously frozen again this morning. Isla Mai seems to have developed a cough- I will have to keep an eye on that. She seems perky enough and went mad for the salad stuff this morning.

We're trying wood shavings in their Eglu and nesting box as we have been using shredded newspaper on its own . I think we stopped using wood shavings once before because they chucked around and made a right mess everywhere. I can't remember if one of the people we obtained our chickens from said that wood shavings was a really bad idea, I'm not sure. Probably a combination of the two may well work- we shall have to see. I need to research it again.
Back indoors making another 12 jars of marmalade and I think that will be it for now- not sure if I have enough of the right jars for any more!


Ooh I almost forgot- I spotted a blackcap in the garden today. We often see him and his missus in spring but I don't remember seeing him this early before. per haps Spring IS on its way.
 Thats all for now- Hope you are keeping warm, see you soon!

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