Monday, February 6, 2012

New sewing area!

Well the damp and chilly weather put me off going for a walk yesterday and as  I said yesterday it was a sort out morning. I have long been bemoaning the fact that i don't have an official are for my sewing/ crafting. With the office returning to  function as  another family room I had hoped for a little corner but yesterday conceded that there really wasn't any room there. So I put my thinking hat on and thought about our spare room. This room is not a big double room and really there isn't a lot of extra room there. BUT there is a built-in wardrobe that is currently full of everything, old photos and albums, ski kit, linen clothing and children's work from years gone by that I can't be parted from.This is it yesterday morning:

 So I had a great clear out and this is my new area,  dedicated sewing area:

It is still work in progress but its great to have my own space. I keep going to have a look at it! Now guess what I'm doing today?.Yep I have to clear the mound of clothes off the spare bed and find homes/ or  put out all the unwanted items. I can still do that and think of how I can improve my new area at the same time :)


Janie said...

Wow, you have been busy, and it looks great!

Mrs H said...

Thank you Janie- I'm really pleased with it- but have a lot of sorting to do now!

VickiChicky said...

I make my own cards, and had stuff all over the place.... :/
Last year we lost my Grandad, and I have just recently turned his old wardrobe into my craft store! It works really well and I think he'd have been really happy too :)
Well done you.

Mrs H said...

Hi Vickichicky -its so lovely to have my own space . what a lovely idea using your Grandad's wardrobe with all those lovely memories!

Jane said...

well done for being so organised, I love the sound of your 30's cupboard, we live in a 1930's house so all that lovely utility furniture fits in really well and they are brilliant for storage, have fun :) x x x x x

Mrs H said...

Thank you Jane. I think spring is in the air as I have a real urge to sort and tidy X