Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New linen cupboard

I'm still sorting the spare room out. What a lot of stuff we have accumulated over the years. You may have noticed from the previous pictures of the wardrobe that the linen was over flowing in the top section. This was only meant to be a stop gap several years ago when we had to have new tank fitted in the old airing cupboard.
Unfortunately as I am vertically challenged  I have never really been able to reach the top part of the cupboard properly to keep it tidy on regular basis, as it always necessitates getting  a stool or step ladder. I have to say taking the photo made me  feel ashamed and realise how hideous the mess was and  that got me thinking.
What I really wanted was an armoire for the linen. However the price was going to be a tad expensive, also we needed something not too big and preferably shelved. So yesterday on my travels I spotted the perfect solution- a lovely (thirties I think) walnut veneered  cupboard which met all my requirements. Perfect.

 Linen is now put away neatly and I am able to reach it and keep it tidy! I'm not sure my other half is quite so enamoured as he prefers all things modern but I like it . I could however  be persuaded in the future  to use it for my sewing goodies should the need for something more modern become more pressing -there is method in my madness!


thinking of the days said...

Love this "new " linen press! Looks perfect for the job,and anyone can have new stuff.This ahs character....

Also, are we going to have a peek inside?I want to see your stash of linen!

Mrs H said...

Thank you Our cupboard is becoming like an old friend. Even my elder son commented on it. I did take an inside photo so will try to post one.