Monday, May 7, 2012

Allotment time!!!!!

Hurrah its been dry for two days- or rather almost dry but good enough for me to get some work done on the allotment. I escaped on Saturday afternoon. I dug, weeded and planted:

1) the rest of my onion sets,
2) sowed some white beetroot ( I forgot to take the red ones with me). I thought that the white ones might be good roasted in with mixed root vegetables and maybe ok in cakes!
3) sowed lettuces: little gems and some mixed salad leaves, rocket ,  some spring onions and some sugar snap peas.
 Then on Sunday - another stint!!!!- This time I had a lot of digging to do - as I needed to plant where the potatoes were last year! As usual we had missed some and they were regrowing. I had  nipped  in the morning to a DIY store for some slug pellets ( we can't find the ones from last year- put away safe for the winter!) and happened to pick up some brassica plants on the reduced stand.
 So in the afternoon planted:
1) broccoli plants- we had these once before and did well with them- and the youngsters eat them :)
2)Cabbage plants- I think these should be good in coleslaw
 and sowed some red beetroot , called cylindra- which are a long root  beetroot- great for pickling.
I also picked up - sprouting broccoli and also brussel sprout plants but these will have to wait until I clear another part of the ground.

So all in all a busy two days! How did you get on - did you have any dry weather? I know Kent had more  rain- My Dad said it rained for nearly the whole two days! Hope it was ok for you!

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Beth said...

Blimey, you've been working hard! It sounds like you've got loads done, I've been out in the garden all day today, lots done but still feels like there's so much left on my list. I hope all your seeds are doing well and the pesky slugs are kept at bay. Beth (the linen cat)x