Friday, May 25, 2012

And then there was one.......

   We have some sad news:

Isla Mai in the snow-" it tastes soo good!"
It is with great regret to say that we had to say good bye to Isla Mai last night as she moved on to chicken heaven. Our rhode island red cross was a funny inquisitive totally loveable chicken.

Hiding in the bushes!

Stand up straight I think they are going to take a photo!
She was the chicken who wanted to ride on Mr H's lawn mower ( and it isn't a sit on kind :)) when he was cutting the grass - the noise didn't phase her ! When we cuddled her she would make a happy cooing sort of noise quite unlike the others!
I love my greens

Especially when they are M&S leftovers!

Oh how we will miss her - and now we are left with only one chicken! The least affectionate one, the one that thinks she is a cockerill and shouts at the slightest thing! Maybe she might become more docile now , who knows- all I know is that she has lost her two pals-

Whats this white stuff again?

On no they have the camera out again!!

and I think she will miss them  too :(

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