Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Tip Tuesday- removal of glue from Jam jars

Things at home have become quite disorganised and this has spread into my blogging. I have been thinking about this  and as far as blogging goes I will try each week to give a top tip on Tuesdays. The tip can be on anything , so I will have to search far and wide for them!

My younger daughter has turned vegetarian and hope to share some of my recipes that we are trying with you on a Friday and this will be called Foody friday- I will of course be sharing non- vegetarian recipes with you too !

  So to my first Top Tip - I have Fiona from the Cottage Smallholder to thanks for this one. In one of her blogs she mentioned how difficult it is to remove glue from some jam jars. In my experience it always seems to be the jars that are most ideal for the job or are the prettiest ones!  

In the past I had developed a system that involved lots of hot water, lots of washing up liquid, an old fashioned metal pad and a humungous amount of effort . This did improve things somewhat but wasn't entirely satisfactory. And then Fiona put up her post!!!!!!!  and all it involves is that magical WD40!

I had a play yesterday as I had the perfect jar- it had contained thai curry paste. It was ideal as I  managed to remove most of the label  in hot water but the glue remained attached and very tacky.  This is the jar after the label was removed but still tacky:

This is the photo after I had used some WD40 on an area:

and  dadaaaa- this is the final result- a clean glass with out too much rubbing. 

As I was working I kept thinking that it wasn't working and  then very quickly the results became apparent. Thank goodness for WD40 and Fiona from the Cottage Smallholder !!

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