Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage bags and Fab Vintage

While all this rain has been happening I have been busy indoors. The lovely new shop called Fab Vintage in Winchester has recently opened and are  stocking a good range of vintage clothing to suit all pockets.
They have recently taken some of my friend Debbie's furniture which I highlighted in my post about the Vintage market and what is so delightful is that they have taken some of my vintage cushions and a couple of my bags to try.
My first bag is a messenger bag made from what I believe is uncut Moquette which was around in the fifties/sixties. I definitely remember my Mum and Dad had a settee with this fabric on it.

Sorry about the quality of the photo!

Being fascinated by the name I thought I would do a little research. Apparently Moquette originated in France. It 's well known for its durability and hardwearing properties and was often used in carpeting and upholstery. It often comprises of mainly wool with a small amount of polyester in it.There is a smooth version which in carpet world is like a Wilton and a uncut version like a Brussels carpet. Apparently it is still made in Yorkshire using traditional methods. It was used on the  seats of the London underground tube trains! So now we know!

The second bag was made as I was asked to make a bag with a Union Jack theme. Although I don't think this what was envisaged I think its worked out quite well. All of the fabrics used and the button were vintage or upcycled. I love the button - very sixties don't you think?

Hoping for  a dry spell...........

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