Monday, May 28, 2012

What Mr H and I got up to this weekend!

We had a busy sort of weekend. Elder daughter returned from Uni with a large amount of stuff accrued over the the year. Her uni seem to finish so much earlier than the others. It may be because Brunel is hosting some of the sport teams  during the Olympics. We have soooooo much stuff in the hall- the cat has got twitchy thinking we are about to go on holiday! and I  will have to squeeze all her  stuff  in somewhere until the autumn. Not sure where at the moment. I will just have to keep nibbling away at the pile.

Mr H managed to get down to the allotment after I had a visit. We seem to do everything in shifts these days and  we are like so many other parents  just like passing ships. My back has been playing me up  again which is telling me I need to restart doing my pilates exercises. I definitely know when I haven't done any for a while.

 I digress , all I managed to do was water the lettuce, beetroot seedlings, the baby cabbage plants and my sprouting beans with umpteen trips to the water tap with my watering can. I had intended planting some beetroot I had grown in modules, some more cabbages and some onions sets I  also had started in modules but somehow couldn't find a trowel. There is one down there - I keep for emergency when I forget to bring one. Things keep hiding from me at the moment- I'm sure it will turn up sometime.

Mr H on the other hand worked like a trojan. He cut the grass, re-trimmed the edges and reclaimed some of the planting area that had been taken over by grass. He retied the rope edging, cleared the corner known as death valley , which was full of broken trellis, canes, rubbish . I now have somewhere to park the wheel barrow! I in return have been given the challenge ( apparently should I choose to accept!) to clear and sort the shed. This is full of netting at the moment and every time we open the shed, netting tries to entangle us and ensnare us. This will be this weeks challenge.

I took advantage of a few hours peace and quiet and finished a couple of cushions for the garden furniture.

I love the fifties type roses - don't you! Mr H isn't so keen but he isn't really into furnishings that much - more structure and furniture. The rest of the family gave the thumbs up so I'm happy with that.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I just love this sort of weather and I am trying to make the most of it! Let's hope it lasts a little longer!


Ariella said...

I adore your cushions. Are they oilcloth?
I've just bought some lovely oilcloth fabric to make bunting for the garden.

Mrs H said...

Hi thank you unfortunately they are not - they are made from unused furnishing fabric from the eighties, so we have to bring them in when rain is likely!

Beth said...

Sounds like you got a lot done and I LOVE the cushions, especially the pom pom trim. I heard yesterday that the hosepipe ban is to be lifted (or so my husband told me) which changes everything, I hope it makes a difference for you as well as hand watering is hard work (or maybe you weren't under a ban in the first place?!). Beth (the linen cat)xx