Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top tip for your planters

At the weekend when it was raining I did some blog surfing and came across the blog Vertical Veg. Wow this man produced so much in his London  home. He planted planters on a roof terrace, window sills, front garden , in fact anywhere he could ! and the produce he grew! He even kept a log. One of the things he used was self watering planter. He talked about ones that could be purchased however he described how to make your own and you can find the information here: self watering containers. So I made my own- unfortunately I forgot take photographs  but I will the next time  I make one.
I used the 3litre milk container but I didn't have any spare yoghurt pots so I used orange juice containers instead. Luckily we had some old pond piping in the shed -so I used that too. This man is so inspirational- take a look at his blog...........

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