Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top Tip of the week!

We are still in the midst of exams and are relieved that we have a week off next week with half term. I  have managed a couple of quick trips down to the allotment to water the plants. My french beans are up and eager to get growing.  The greenhouse is getting going and with 13 tomato plants at the last count- I don't think I have room for more! but you never know!
Anyway top  tip for this week involves plastic bottles. You know the large fizzy bottle kind- empty of course! The smaller plastic bottles also have their uses. our-good-life suggests using them for plant protection and indeed they use them to protect their lettuce plants and also as bird scarers. I  cut them in half and use them as mini greenhouses for the cucumbers and the courgettes and they worked a treat. Now I use the tops upturned so that the screw top end is planted into the ground and then use this as a water reservoir when watering- providing water to the roots of the plant ! photo to follow tomorrow!
 The smaller bottles are used upturned on the the top of the bamboo canes to prevent eye injuries!!
Photo to follow! have a good weekend  and i hope to catch up with you soon!

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