Saturday, January 19, 2013

And we have snow!!!!

Being based at the bottom of the UK a little inland we don't see snow as often as other parts of the UK. In fact as a child I lived in Kent and we saw snow often ( much To Mr H's amusement- he used to think snow only happened in the north!).
Really - snow!

I think I will stay put today- its much warmer in here!
 I now have immense admiration for my parents who didn't let snow stop them from getting to work. We lived about 20 odd miles away from school and work and I can't remember a day when we didn't attend school and I know they didn't ever miss work!  We didn't have a four by four and in fact we had a VW Beetle - ( rear engined and we had to weigh the front down with cobble stones in the front boot) I don't think schools were closed on snow days in those days! I know I know those were the days and all that!
 Anyway the point of my ramblings is that we have snow here in Hampshire ahead of Kent who will receive their snow dump tomorrow I believe! So Mum and Dad and elder daughter I hope you are prepared!

 Hope you don't mind but I thought I would post a few photos  of the garden to mark this event!

Even Mr H thought this was arty!

Anyone for dinner?

Dinner for two?

And being indoors I thought I would decant the homemade blackberry gin my Dad made for Christmas- the glass decanter which came from Denmark and was a wedding present many moons ago makes an ideal vessel for a delicious liqueur don't you think?

Hoping you are wrapped up warm and those that like the snow are enjoying it!
 Me- I am so looking forward to reading and catching up on other blogs this weekend!


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

Like you I can't remember school ever being closed because of snow when I was a child. More's the pity as I would have been thrilled to have a snow day now and again when little. Not sure my parents would have been so thrilled of course! Can I ask if you have a family recipe for blackberry gin? I have been looking for one for ages. If you don't mind sharing it I'd love it if you could email me with it. E x

Mrs H said...

Hi Mrs T - I shall pop it in with my next post- although it's a bit of a guide rather than a recipe as my father isn't known for his cooking prowess!