Monday, January 7, 2013

Thinking and reminiscing about chickens in three parts- Part One

 Recently I  have been  thinking about the chickens we have had and whether I will have more and in order to help me think I thought I would tell you about them. 
It only  seems like yesterday but It was Christmas 2007 and I  hard started to think about having chickens- we had an allotment and it seemed a natural follow on to keep poultry. I really became obsessed with reading everything to do with chickens. I spent a lot of time on the Omlet Forum but how was I going to persuade Mr H?
Getting used to their new surroundings
 It didn't take much I think he was so fed with me on the forums that in the end he agreed as long as I spent less time on the computer - Hurrah a result!
The chickens and eglu were ordered ( before Mr H changed his mind) and we were given a date! We couldn't wait and when the van drew up I was sooo excited. The delivery man was fantastic- he helped put the run and house together. He was so knowledgeable and reassured us. He then brought the chickens out  of the van and showed us how to clip the wings and we settled them into their run.
 The fun started that night as they didn't found their way into the coop. We ended up opening up the house from the side and shining a torch in and they eventually were drawn to the light and once one went in the others followed. At last they were tucked up for the night!
Sun bathing  in the run

Babs Ginger and Betty Boop free ranging

finding yummy things to eat

we so love free ranging

Mountaineering - instead of going to bed!

First egg - hmm hope the cost of these comes down!

Its getting dark now perhaps we should head home
 I really enjoyed having my chickens. I have since had two lots more. This  first lot of chickens were  two  Gingernut rangers  called Babs and Ginger and a Miss Pepperpot called Betty Boop.  The red girls bullied my poor Miss Pepperpot who appeared to be a few weeks younger than them. Those girls were very naughty and were very definitely characters and despite there naughtiness were very endearing. We had a lot of fun with them. One day I looked for them  free ranging in the garden and couldn't see them from the kitchen. I panicked, opened the back door to go searching for them and there they were huddled up together next to the back door on the mat listening to the noises in the kitchen!
  Their habit of pecking each other did get to me and eventually they had to take a trip to a local farm where they then stayed in the company of lots of other chickens and a cockerel who told them who was boss!
Part Two tomorrow see you then...........

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