Saturday, January 5, 2013

We've been visiting the north east for a day or two!

 Just to say we have been up north for a day or two and have a a few photos to post - so look out for the next post!
 I have been thinking about new resolutions and what means the most to me. Santa was lovely and left me a Kitchen garden magazine and I used to be an  an avid reader but time got the better of me. Anyway suffice to say - my love for growing vegetables was always there- its just had an extra Christmas boost so watch this space. I hope to blog about my  plans my successes and and of course  my failures! I have an allotment but hope to keep that for longer growing vegetables and fruit. I  will grow some vegetables at  home as well for quick picking! I know I will miss the chickens but I think we really need to let the area rest for a year or so! The area will definitely be well fertilised!
I love growing our produce and finding ways of keeping it for the new year. I am so excited for 2013!   and hope to update you with my successes and failures with regard to preserving!
 First on the list will be the satsuma and cranberry relish which I will post in the next few days - this was described as sublime! so watch this space !

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