Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Seven Dwarfs and an apron on tour" or as I prefer "Seven Dwarfs on the piste!"

This is the story of seven dwarfs (Doc, Sleep, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful) who hadn't been skiing ( well some of them ) for several years and who felt the need of an adventure in the Alps.
On top of the Glacier
As times were hard, their wives allowed them their adventure but with the proviso that it had to be on a budget. So they planned, booked and set off on their intrepid snowy adventure in the early hours of a dark and very snowy morning.

They were truly magical dwarfs - in order that the families didn't miss out - they even arranged for it to snow at home for the time they were away.

 I am very glad to say that these dwarfs kept to their word and were very good with their budgets. They took it in turns every evening to cook their evening meals cooking delights such as Penne arabiatta con chorizo, Chicken fajitas, Chicken tikka marsala, Saucisson avec lentilles and a very impressive Tartiflette made by Grumpy. A similar recipe can be found here.

 It was unfortunate that Snow White wasn't able to travel with them to the Alps ( she was still in the coma after eating the Wicked Queen's poisoned apple ) and as a tribute to her each dwarf  would wear Snow White's apron whilst cooking.

Many lovely meals were cooked, many hours and kilometres of skiing were done - travelling over many valleys and covering several glaciers. They were very intrepid, hard skiing and dedicated dwarfs who made daily visits to "The Office".
At the Office

 They had such a wonderful time that on the last day they took Snow Whites apron out for a tour - each dwarf having their turn wearing the apron. The apron went everywhere that day- on the slopes, up cable cars, into cafes and on chair lifts, with each dwarf having to ski at least two runs with the apron.







 A great time was had by all and if by magic - they arranged for snow at home to turn into rain, so that they were able to return to their loved ones with out a hitch! So they headed home making plans for possible future trips.


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

What fun! Never been skiing but always loved the idea - possibly too old to learn now but never mind! E x

Mrs H said...

Thank you Elizabeth - I have skied a few times but alas feel I started rather late in life - enjoy gentle runs but unfortunately nothing too steep - I think my fear all stems from feeling I'm not in control ! Not that I'm a control freak - no not at all!

Beth said...

Loves this post, it brought a big smile to my face. I can't ski, husband can and my sister has a ski place in Chamonix so we are thinking of taking the kids...thing is, I'd prefer to go scuba diving every time (after robbing the bank to pay for it that is). Bethx